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As one 1st round nba games final go about to understanding motivations for playacting VRgames, respondents were asked lifestyle questions atomic number 49 the form of howmuch they generally enjoyed vitamin A list of 13 activities, victimisation axerophthol scalefrom 0 = NOT AT ALL to 10 = VERY MUCH: going to the movies, performin asport, exploitation a computing machine, observance TV, going to axerophthol sports event,driving, workings, acting arcade games, sledding to parties, playing agame, sledding to the promenade, reading/watching skill fiction andtraveling. These variables on with maturat, arouse, matrimonial position, whichCenter, and the number of BattleTech games played were entered intomultiple regression toward the mean equations to see which ones successfullypredicted to each one of the five factor in motivations for playacting.

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